Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the Eleuthera Business Directory?
    By producing this directory, we hope to help to improve the lives of Eleuthera residents by promoting Eleuthera based businesses. By making it easier for both full-time and winter-residents as well as tourists to find a local source for services or goods when they have a need.

  • Who can list their business in this directory?
    If you own, or work at, (or even just know of or shop at), a business that is either headquartered on Eleuthera, or markets to the Eleuthera market, please signup for a free listing. You don't even need to live on the island to add a business, if you know of a business that you'd like to list, just let us know the details.

  • How much does it costs to get listed in the Eleuthera Business Directory?
    The Eleuthera Business Directory is currently free for all types of ads. The current plan is that basic, text-only listings (i.e. those listings without a graphical ad) will always remain free for any business headquartered on the Island of Eleuthera. In the future we may charge for graphical ads, or for ads by companies not primarily located in Eleuthera. Adding a free listing now, in no way obligates you to pay for an ad in the future, so add your listing and send us a nice graphic to include on your page.

  • Can I advertise or list my business On-Line now?
    Yes. You can add a basic listing or display ad to our On-line Directory at any time. For more details go to Add A Business. The Eleuthera Business Directory is a great way to develop awareness with your customers.

  • Can I list a business that is not mine?
    Yes, you do not need to be the owner of the business to enter a listing. Not everyone has email and/or on-line access and if you would like to suggest a listing for someone else, just let us know..

  • My business doesn't fit into any of the existing categories, can you add a new category for me?
    Not a problem we are happy to add new categories when a business wants to get listed. By the same token, we do want to have to many similar categories, so we will review each request before adding a new category to the list. There is no charge for this.

  • Can I list my business under more than one category?
    Again, not a problem. Lots of business don't fit neatly into a single category, for example many of the car rental folks also provide taxi service. We want to make sure your customers can find you as easily as possible, so choose all the categories that apply and make it easy for your customers to find you.

  • There is a typographical error in my ad, how do I fix it?
    Just let us know and we'll take care of it promptly. In the future, everyone who has a listing will have the option of getting a userid and passsword that will allow them to log into the website and make their own changes, but for now we will take care of those things for you.

  • Why don't you have a category for rental homes?
    The Eleuthera Business Directory is intended to promote businesses owned by Eleuthera residents. A very large percentage of rental homes are owned by residents of other countries, in addition, there are already plenty of websites available on the internent to find rental homes.
    However, if you own a rental house on the island and need a website developed, we can help find a domain for you, register it, develop a website for you and even host the site, all for a low monthly fee. Please contact us for more information.

  • How do I use the On-Line directory?
    Search by Category - returns all participating businesses listed within that category including Contact Name and Town. Businesses can often be found under multiple categories.
    Search by Keyword - enter a minimum of three letters character in the search box in the upper right of the scrren and click the search button, all matching records will be returned. The system will look at the business name, the contact name, and the full business description when trying to find matches for your search.

  • Where can I get a printed copy of the Eleuthera Business Directory?
    The Eleuthera Business Directory is currently only available on-line. There are no plans at this time to offer it in printed form.

  • What is the technology behind the Eleuthera Business Directory?
    The Eleuthera Business Directory is hosted on a Rackspace cloud of servers at a massive data center in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. The website itself is developed in running on a Windows 2008, IIS 7 against a SQL Server 2008 database.